DevOps: Role of QA in DevOps and How to Integrate QA in DevOps

DevOps: Role of QA in DevOps and How to Integrate QA in DevOps

The emerging role of QA in DevOps has enabled every organization that wants to win the race in achieving customer demands. The industry is growing fast, and the market is more competitive than in previous times. The organizations that can win the potential customers, are the one that delivers high-quality products, DevOps in particular is gaining popularity due to the adequate support in achieving business goals.

Let’s jump into it and discuss the importance of QA in DevOps and how we can integrate QA into it.

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What is DevOps?

The development and testing efforts are the two different entities in every working model. It includes the gap in communication among the groups, incorrect understanding of features implementation, no clear testing coverage, no clear visibility of work efforts, and others.

However, the most important factor is how customers react to your deployed products. It introduces the mitigation of the above problems and how to reintroduce the mentality of every customer. The main element of this culture is to increase the collaboration of developers, operation teams and testers. It helps them to work in a unit and produce high-quality products.

Why use QA integral to DevOps

Keep in mind that the QA is a cultural shift to combine the traditional development and operational terms in modern testers and developmental responsibilities. It sets the boundaries between the developers and testers to develop high-quality products.

Moreover, QAs in this culture boost collaboration between teams involved in development and operations. Also, it encourages every member of the organization to understand the organization’s fault. And makes efforts for giving quality and stability to potential customers.

Role of QA in DevOps

DevOps plays a significant role in leading organizations towards success. The developers and testers make the collaborations on their products and work in a single unit. First, the developers take the initiative and set the mindset like testers to check for each error. And the tester understands their responsibility for testing applications and other products. They ensure that all products are deployable at all times. They can quickly fix the issue where required and then proceed to further steps.

Moreover, Quality assurance or QA also plays a great role in aligning the tasks through continuous testing systems. The QA ensures a high level of collaboration through DevOps and monitors every step ranging from production to distribution to customers.

Integrating QA into DevOps

The QA and DevOps are critical processes. Note that DevOps doesn’t replace the QA processes as both have their importance. Whereas it gives a clear view to testers from their traditional methods. The QA is a large team for every entity of the organization. Now here are some simple steps to integrate QA in DevOps:

Re-align the team structure

Start by merging the developers, QA, and operations teams. And restructure the technical team to align with the DevOps goals. Ensure the communication and collaboration of the team to optimize their efforts to detect errors and fix them before deployment.

Automate the process as much as possible

For better deployment of products, ensure to automate the whole development, testing, and releasing product cycles as much as possible. Everything should be automated for getting effective results.

Use metrics to track progress

Metrics that quantify the values can enable the DevOps teams to measure the success of the process. Many stakeholders can leverage the metrics to make informed decisions about role of QA in DevOps.

Run tests in parallel

DevOps process and testers go parallel. Also, to make parallel testing an effective one, QAs ensure to streamline the test environments and make efforts to optimize the delivery process.


While DevOps is working great, integration of QA in DevOps is still needed. These are the simple integral steps to integrate QAs in DevOps that ensure the better collaboration of developers and testers. Getting professional help like TestGear is a great step to make your testing process more smooth. Avail the free cloud offer and get started.

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