How important is website performance testing for your business?

How important is website performance testing for your business?

In today’s era of technology, website crashes and performance issues have been some of the biggest problems. Due to – less than needed – performance testing, the HBO website crashed when a popular TV show went live back in late 2017. This led to highly negative tweets and cost the company millions of dollars. However, all of this can be prevented by investing more in website performance testing.

Performance testing allows you to check the behavior of your platform in many states. Any system can work flawlessly during launch and can break down when put under stress. These tests will establish the key factors of the software applications like,

·        Speed.

·        Stability

·        Scalability.

Ensuring better website speed for the customer

A slow website with more than 3 seconds of loading time can raise the bounce rate up to 47%. According to Google, two seconds is the maximum threshold for any e-commerce website acceptability. Also, a thorough testing report using AI testing tools will allow you to check the loading time of each web page. These tools will use various BW limits and connectivity to ensure a better CX.

Resolve glitches

 There are many testing tools on the market like,

·        WebLOAD (Real-life & reliable load states)

·        Load Ninja (Generates actionable metrics with real browser instead of load emulators)

·        Load View (On-demand testing tool)

·        StresStimulus (End-to-end Test Wizard)

·        Apache JMeter (Open source)

·        Smart (Script less testing with full CI/CD integration)

By testing with these tools, you can ensure the app runs without any glitches. These tools are also capable of exploiting the app and making sure the product is market-ready.

Enhance scalability

With more and more challenges in the digital space, firms need to build apps that are easily scalable. We also need to upgrade them without any downtime. Testing tools expose all kinds of vulnerabilities with load injectors on protocols like HTTPS, XML, SOAP, FTP, HTTP, and many more.

Moreover, this ensures that you are well armed with all the resources to do real-time upgrades down the road.

Finding API and database issues

Database and API are the crucial factors that can make or break your web app. Stress/load tests will allow your team to regulate the issues with your app behavior. Whether it is an issue with server response or stipulated time gap, API performance testing under stress is a must.

With all of that being said, here are some of the performance testing challenges we may face during the testing phase.

·        Primary system forecast.

·        Testing exclusive procedures that conventional testing tools do not support.

·        Take full advantage of the test on the correct infrastructure.

·        Performance testing and performance engineering transition.

·        Testing in a production environment.

·        Test result analysis.

In conclusion

Regardless of the challenges of performance testing, investing in it is vital for the success of your firm. So set clear testing objectives and use the right testing tools and tech to ensure the speed and scalability of your Web App.

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