New Technologies in eLearning and Evolving Role of QA

New Technologies in eLearning and Evolving Role of QA

Technology is evolving every day and constantly provides a better experience for users. It causes a significant impact on every matter of life, including the eLearning processes. Previously, physical classes and one-to-one sessions were essential for better training and learning processes. But now, the new technologies take over the physical classes and promote eLearning trends.

eLearning supports the collaborative approaches of both sides and gives a bright future as well. Moreover, it increases students’ versatility, connectivity, and interest to learn and implement the knowledge.


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Emerging Technologies in eLearning

The rising demand for virtual learning platforms has led to the introduction of many new technologies in the e-learning sector. The purpose is to improve education quality and make it more interesting for students. Some of the latest technologies in eLearning involve:


It involves short-term learning courses where students need to put less effort and gain more knowledge. Basically, microlearning deals with strategies tailored for skill-based understanding and learning. Solving mini-quizzes, watching instructional videos, and receiving instructional messages come under the examples of microlearning. 


Learning through games has a significant role in increasing students’ interest in their subject. Also, it keeps the students engaged and lets them compete with each other to gain new badges and many more. In a similar light the TestGear gamification enhances tester productivity as the competitive drivers from the gamifcation between team members often carry bonus incentives provided by the employer for team members who excel in productivity. 

Artificial Intelligence and eLearning

Another popular technology that offers various opportunities to learn in various sectors. AI learning is also famous for smart learning that supports individual tutoring, instruction classes, etc.

Big Data

It is one of the latest technologies in eLearning that help the instructor track the progress of students and provide better assessments. Further, it allows the trainers to analyze and improve the learning content after predicting where students can grow and face their problems.

eLearning and Role of QA 

The latest technologies give better opportunities to learn effectively. All the virtual learning companies adopt new learning methods to provide a better experience.

Moreover, the QA companies who provide the new eLearning technologies and services ensure that they work effectively and offer better functionality. It plays a vital role in introducing new technologies and supports the adjustment of changes. Here are some critical parts of QA in introducing the latest technologies in eLearning.

  • They better understand machine learning for testing the AI- application.
  • Provide better efficiency and assurance in e-learning testing and meet software development demands.
  • QA experts should be well versed in the technical skills of cloud computing, CI technologies, and codeless automation to meet the latest demands.
  • The QA professionals are masters in their skills for testing the efficient tools essential for better eLearning platforms.
  • They also implement cutting-edge learning apps with better professional strategies.

All of these are the significant roles of QA in evolving eLearning technologies. The primary purpose is to provide a better learning experience in every sector. 


The emergence of the latest trends in eLearning has put pressure on QA experts to gain the required skills to perform eLearning software testing effectively. Further, QA engineers can offer the best experience to the end-users by implementing cutting-edge eLearning testing strategies after realizing their evolving role with the introduction of the latest virtual learning technologies. 

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Enter our competition to win unlimited access for up 50 user accounts for 181 days!
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