Top 5 test automation tools you should know about in 2021

Top 5 test automation tools you should know about in 2021

In today’s businesses, the demand for faster launch dates and higher quality products is rising each day. As a result, companies are adopting new methods and test automation tools to get the most ROI.

In this state of affairs, every business needs to leverage the power of AI test tools. These tools enable you to perform faster product releases with assured quality every time. Keeping that in mind, we come to you with a list of the top test automation tools that you must know about.

So, without any further ado, let us dive right in.


Eggplant is one of the leading AI assisted tools that enables users to release their apps as quickly as possible. This software ensures:

·        Speeding up salesforce deployments by improving the CRM ability within the environment.

·        AI in testing for advanced testing phase

·        Future-proofing by enhancing the CX on your web app

·        Reduction in manual errors

·        Scalable software testing


Katalon is an all in one software testing solution for both web and mobile apps. Moreover, it can be used together with the Selenium 4, as well as Appium.

Katalon helps in automated cross-platform tests and can be seamlessly combined into the CI pipeline. It also comes with some notable features like:

·        Object repository

·        Browser plugin

·        Combined dev environment

And much more.

Sauce Labs

If you are looking for test automation tools to help you run tests on the cloud, Sauce Labs is your answer. This tool enables you to run tests on over 700 browser platforms, devices, and OS blends. It also offers plugin integrations with all the popular CI platforms.

Some of the features of Sauce Labs are,

·        Low-code testing for SaaS apps

·        API testing

·        Cross-browser testing with impressive speed

·        Test automation

·        Error reporting

·        Mobile app testing on emulators


ACCELQ is a completely codeless test management platform where you can leverage the power of AI and perform constant testing. However, where ACCELQ truly shines is in the end-to-end validation for API and UI.

There are no technical complexities while using this tool. Moreover, this helps you gain full-on visibility on the sales force operation quality. It also has 3X faster test cycles than the average software testing tool. As a result, the effort around any project is reduced to 70%.

Micro Focus UFT One

Micro Focus UFT One is the update to the previous-gen UFT. It uses VBScript for testing purposes while also offering enhanced testing features for the user.

The main target of Micro Focus UFT One is to make regression and functional test automation easier for all environments. Above all, from the web, mobile app to API, RPA, it automates all functional testing. Moreover, AI-based recording, AI-based text matching on image matching also minimize the test creation time and reliance on testing assets.

The DevOps enabled toolchain also removes any form of bottleneck and improves yield on a larger scale for CI/CD and Version Control. So, with the ability to test more on each cycle, the tester can do the burst test at full velocity.

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