Top mistakes to avoid in QA testing

Top mistakes to avoid in QA testing

Every successful software development run, depends heavily on a solid QA testing team. Finding the bugs before software launch is just as essential as the overall development process.

A software with bugs and the inability to deliver the desired results can badly impact the end user. Therefore, you need your testing session to go as smoothly and as effectively as possible. Keeping that in mind, let’s cover the top mistakes that you should avoid in your QA testing. So, without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Not defining the QA testing scope

QA testing is an all-inclusive process. However, one of the most common mistakes software testers make is not defining the full scope of software testing.

Most testing focuses on functional testing, which is a test of the actual features. However, there are many other parts of the software that need consideration as well. Some of the relevant areas of this testing process include performance testing, security test, etc.

Lack of documentation

Sloppy documentation or not having any at all is another mistake you do not want to make. In order to understand the progress of the testing project, you need to document everything that is going on.

That means writing down the overall requirements, the functionalities, end goal, and everything else. Moreover, you can choose to hire experts to help you take care of the documentation as well. Hiring outside help can not only be in line with your plan but also makes the QA testing run efficiently.

Not being a team player

Testing successfully means you must be a team player. One of the biggest pitfalls of software development is being emotionally affected by the bugs and issues we find.

But instead of engulfing yourself in frustration and taking it out on the developers, you have to be a team player, equally it’s your duty to speak up and point out the issues with software, it sometimes becomes awkward to do so. Regardless of how many problems you may find, professionally approach the issues. This way no one’s ego will be damaged, preventing the workspace from becoming hostile.

A hostile and non-friendly environment is not only bad for you but also affects the performance of the whole team negatively. So always be a team player, don’t rush bugs, and give teammates space and time to implement changes.

Not seeing through the final steps

QA testing is a long process that ends with final product development. As a professional, you must always see it through to the end, regardless of the redundancy you might face.

For instance, many people make the mistake of not looking at the automated test results. But nothing can trump over manual testing when it comes to software. So, you must take a look at the result even if it feels completely pointless to do so.

Understanding the biggest mistakes of your own role, can help prevent them from happening again. Sometimes it’s a good idea to self-reflect our own ways of working, which inevitably can contribute to helping your QA testing team to do a better job than before.

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