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Testing Genius is an online meetup where speakers from Agilitest, TestGear, Moovit
 and other companies come together to share their insights.

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Christophe Moustier

Michael Kutz

Jan de Baere

Igor Goldshmidt

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Conference 1 – Agile Test Management Tools for Dynamic Planning
by Igor Goldshmidt

Conference 2  – TBC

Conference 3 – TBC

Conference 4: Writing Tests Like Shakespeare
by Michael Kutz

Keep your automated tests readable with the Screenplay pattern. Learn what the Screenplay pattern is and how it can help you to write better tests. Get to know the key concepts of Screenplay to implement your own or use an existing framework supporting it. Discover how object-oriented design can help to make test code less cumbersome.

Find out about a way to keep your tests concise and readable, while using all the Selenium tweaks and tricks to keep them fast and reliable. See how Screenplays allow you to write tests that use different media –like web, email or APIs–, a surprisingly easy experience.

Panel discussion: Test automation challenges in an Agile context

With Jan de Baere, Michael Kutz, and more to come. Moderated by Christophe Moustier

The organizers

About TestGear

TestGear is a software development company focused on creating tools for quality assurance engineers, DevOps specialists and SDETs. Our flagship platform, TestGear test management system, unites manual and automated testing in a single interface with transparent reporting.

Learn more at https://test-gear.io/

About Agilitest

Featuring a unique approach to functional test automation, Agilitest offers a comprehensive view on the quality of software at all times – on web, desktop, mobile and webservice technologies alike.

In a context where Agile teams and DevOps integration are becoming the norm, Agilitest provides all software testers – whether they have a technical background or not – with an intuitive and robust way to create, maintain and execute automated functional tests.

Start your free trial at: https://www.agilitest.com/free-trial

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Enter our competition to win unlimited access for up 50 user accounts for 181 days!
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