Your One-Stop AI Chatbot Testing Guide

Your One-Stop AI Chatbot Testing Guide

Quicker processes in the field of tech have significantly changed the way modern businesses connect with their potential clients. In today’s times, most businesses utilize technology like AI, machine learning, RPA, and NLP to develop their software bots. That’s why chatbot testing has become a crucial part of any business.

These chatbots can hold a meaningful conversation with the customers and offer them a human-like interaction from the get-go. This advanced model of communication saves each business a big amount of time and resources, which would otherwise be spent on dealing with clients.

That being said, we face many challenges in the chatbot testing phase. So, let us dive right in and find out all about it.

What is an AI chatbot?

AI chatbots are text-based interfaces that can be easily deployed on any app or website. These bots can then generate a conversation with the visitor. Moreover, the AI chatbots are mostly self-learning and designed with machine learning and NLP technology.

Unlike out-of-date bots running on rule-based commands, AI chatbots can slowly learn outside the scope of the already programmed commands.

What is the focus of AI chatbot testing?

Below are just some of the features and aspects of AI chatbots that we need to test, to ensure a seamless CX:

Response time

The average response time is a crucial part of any AI chatbot. They should be able to reply as fast as possible after getting inputs from the users.

Error management

We need to test the ability of the chatbot to deal with any form of error. We also need to test the chatbot’s ability to recover from errors and ask alternative questions to receive more input from the user.

Response accuracy

We must test the accuracy of the response while the chatbot holds a conversation with the user.

Cross-platform compatibility

AI chatbot testing phase must include a multi-platform or device compatibility testing. It will ensure that the bot can work on all devices, platforms, operating systems. Moreover, it will deliver a pleasant CX.


The AI chatbot testing phase must include intelligence testing, to make sure it provides the correct response based on stored data.

Common challenges in AI chatbot testing

Here are some of the most common challenges we face during the testing phase.

Bot security

With so many cyber attacks, chatbots can be a big risk for a company. Checking bot security is essential to make sure it does not compromise the valued data of the firm.

Domain-specific query

In most cases, we design AI chatbots to deal with any domain-specific query from the user. But proper validation of such queries can be a challenging task for the tester.

User query uncertainty

There are only so many scenarios we can test before we run out of time and funds. We can not ensure 100% test coverage when it comes to users’ queries due to the uncertainty. This is why building a strategy to cover as many scenarios as we can become really challenging.

The most popular ai chatbot testing tools

There are many ai chatbot testing tools out there that can help you through the testing phase. Some of the best-performing (in TestGear’s opinion) are listed below.

·        Test my bot.

·        Botium

·        Botanalytics.

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