Manual Testing

Our test library allows you to create test cases or checklists in just two clicks, structure, and store all your test scripts by project, and customize everything according to your needs, all in one convenient library.


Test Cases in 2 clicks

Test Case Library

Onboarding has never been easier:

  • Create test cases in two clicks
  • Organize and store all test cases by project
  • Incorporate repetitive operations into shared steps

2 Click Test Case Creation

An easy-to-use editor reduces the time it takes to create and modify test artifacts:

  • Create checklists, test cases, and other artifacts
  • Add media, code, and other formats
  • Communicate with colleagues via tests: give likes and sign up for updates


Version control will help you better manage test documentation and not to miss important details:

  • Keep track of who and when makes changes
  • Revert to previous versions if needed
  • Changes are easily found thanks to the color coding

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