Test Management

Manage projects, test plans and tasks, track progress and analyze results


Transparency with Quality


TestGear’s dashboards provide analytics on test plans, test runs, and projects that help improve the product quality and reduce costs throughout the development lifecycle.

  • Create and customize detailed reports on releases, tests, test results, and autotests
  • Share reports in a convenient format
  • Analyze changes in product quality

Test Plan and Control

Test plans streamline all types of testing and provide maximum transparency to testers.

  • Assign test points manually or automatically
  • Balance the load in test points
  • Track any changes to the test plan

Flexible Role Model

TestGear's role model allows to assign of different access levels to sections of the system that can help avoid information leaks:

  • Create custom roles on the system
  • Assign one of four access levels, from full access to view opportunity or deny access
  • Manage contractor access to sections

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