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Release Notes

New release is out:

Welcome TestGear 4.5.0 

In TestGear 4.5.0 version, you will be able to import and export projects directly from the user interface (up to 1 GB), create defects in three new bug trackers, and automatically import test cases from seven new Test Management Systems (TMS). We have introduced hotkeys and streamlined many processes. Additionally, new administrative capabilities and several interface improvements await you.


  • Mass import and export of projects from the user interface.

Manual Testing

  • Test grouping based on attributes.
  • Linking to test points from the Planning and Execution tabs.

New integrations with Bug Trackers

  • Integration with ClickUp.
  • Integration with Redmine.
  • Integration with YouTrack.
  • Seamlessly connect to any bug trackers with a new integration wizard

Migration to TestGear from 3rd party TMS

  • HP ALM.
  • SpiraTest.
  • TestCollab.
  • TestLink.
  • Xray.
  • Zephyr Scale.
  • Zephyr Squad.


  • Ability to enable or disable gamification for users.

User Profile

  • Access to user tasks from the User Profile tab.
  • Enhanced gamification system: updated UI and achievement system.

Test Plans

  • Saving filters when navigating between test plan sections.

UX Improvements and Process Simplification

  • Hotkeys for working with modal windows, work items, and test points.
  • Simplified creation of error categories for automated tests, configurations, and project attributes.