Top 5 Major QA Testing Myths and Misconceptions

Do you know that enterprises may incur losses of around $1-5 million per hour of the downtime caused by a bug? This proves the importance of QA. However, various myths and excessive generalizations concerning quality assurance exist despite its importance;

It’s no use to deny that quality assurance or QA is essential for every system and software efficiency testing. However, many myths associated with it can underestimate QA testing. Therefore it is necessary to know what profits QA ensures and what myths are linked with it. 

Here we will share some common myths and delusions about QA that everybody should know.

So let’s dive into it.

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It’s an easy task

It is one of the general delusions. The quality assurance engineers declare that it is a difficult task including a lot of software approaches, manual and automatic testing. Keep in mind that quality assurance is a way to detect bugs that need all your efforts to identify them. First, you need to learn more about the software and explore it, and then you will be able to proceed with the quality assurance testing.

QA doesn’t require any coding.


Many of us think that quality assurance testing doesn’t demand high proficiency in coding. You should remember that it’s a myth. You should know about the coding necessary for writing the complex SQL queries, test data sequence, converting the codes to DB, scripts for automatic testing, and some other essentials. You can write the testing sequencing and scripts only when you know the high-end coding techniques. It also helps you to detect software errors.

The human QA testers have now become obsolete.






AI systems are developing fast and get higher status. But it doesn’t mean that the human QA testers will become obsolete even if machines can do their jobs. The software and devices will work only when humans are able to write appropriate testing scripts. The automatic testing also needs human QA testers.

It is the final testing procedure.

Every developer claims that his software is perfect and you don’t need any other testing. But it is not the end of the testing process. It would be helpful if you also kept in mind that some bugs are undetectable in software. The new features may disclose the bugs, but it also takes time to resolve them. However, it is effective making the product relatively stable, ready for deployment, and bug-free.

QA testing adds no value.









Everyone wants to add more value to the business. But, a myth exists that QA testing adds no extra value to your business. You can gain top business offers when you deliver high-quality and bug-free products. It will fulfill all the quality needs that add value. You are wrong, if you think that quality testing is not valuable. Hiring a team of QA testers, you can enhance your product or its business value.


If you still believe in the myths mentioned above, it is possible that your product can lose significant insight, and you may miss the product revenue. Therefore, it is necessary that both tech and non-tech sides understand QA correctly for to plan their development projects properly. After understanding the QA importance, you might want to leverage the services of QA experts. TesGear may look like the best choice. Check out their 14 days free trial and thank us later!